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Race Batteries - Sportbike

Aliant Ultralight Battery

Ultralight starter batteries based on lithium iron phosphate technology. Specifically designed for high cranking current applications, such as start batteries in motorbikes, cars, jet ski, ATVs, Quads, vintage cars/motorbikes, ULMs and go-karts. This family of product is suitable for replacing all commonly installed Lead Acid battery types without requiring any change to the vehicle electric system.

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Super B

Super B introduces A revolutionary new battery type, specifically designed for motorcycles, jet-skis, snowmobiles, ATVs and Quads.

This new battery replaces the existing lead/acid battery, and is based on lithium-ion technology.

The super B batteries offers many advantages over conventional lead/acid batteries:

- weighs less: as much as 80% weight saving;

- recharges many times faster: within 5 minutes after starting your engine the battery will be recharged;

- is much smaller: 1/3 or less of the s ... read more