Wayne Rodgers


Internal combustion engines and anything that is attached to them. Two wheels or four wheels is not a preference as I even enjoy engines with just a flywheel, gas or steam I just have a passion for them all.


Started my mechanical career at the Royal Naval School of Engineering and specialized in nuclear marine engineering, but found out no race cars or bikes run on nuclear fission so found a new direction.Spent ten years as a co-driver in rally car racing eventually retiring after realizing I would never be world champion and too many accidents.

INDUSTRY experience

Started out with Silkolene Oils motorsport division in the UK.Relocated to Italy to work as sales/technical manager for the Ferodo brand.

Recruited by the Brembo Group in Italy and promoted to director of Performance for Brembo North America located in Costa Mesa, CA.

Relocated back to Italy by the group and promoted to managing director of one of its core brands Marchesini.

Founded T.A.W Performance in March 2010.


  • 1941 Lambretta Scooter.
  • Ex- Corona Suzuki GSXR1000 Superbike.
  • Suzuki Katana Scooter.
  • B.S.A Goldstar.