Red Power

The Scorpion Dealer Package you can't refuse:

  • Plug and play / Easy-fit cans
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • No remapping of electronics
  • Damage the exhaust and get one at half MSRP
  • No repacking of exhaust
  • Scorpion is a UK based world leading manufacturer of exhausts systems and mufflers. The innovative approach to design, use of high specification materials and  state of the art manufacturing facilities ensure a truly world-class product that is guaranteed.

Life and Soul
All the people involved in the design, development and manufacturer of Scorpion products are passionate racers. Because of this they know what you, the customer, expects: great quality, great sound, great power.

Dyno Tested
Scorpion obtains new motorcycle models from their network of dealers as soon as they become available. Then it’s straight into the Dyno room where they test the  bike with the O.E.M. exhaust still fitted to see where improvements can be made - not just in power and torque, but also ground clearance, ease of fitment and looks. Each Scorpion exhaust is specifically designed for the particular application. Scorpion exhausts are designed to boost power, not just at peak revs, but through the RPM range, giving you greater throttle response and improved overall performance - especially in the mid-range. We run computer simulated acceleration tests so we  can see how much faster the bike will be travelling over a timed burst of throttle. A scorpion equipped CBR900RR, in just 7.40 seconds, travelled 6 mph faster.

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