Lightech - Frame Sliders - Suzuki - STESU202

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Lightech - Frame Sliders - Suzuki - STESU202

In an innovative step to reduce crash damage LighTech introduced frame sliders with rubber shock absorbers. By combining a magnesium base plate with a soft rubber center and an external puck made of nylon mixed with fiberglass LighTech frame sliders provide excellent sliding capabilities while cushioning the blow upon impact between the frame and the ground. Magnesium also reacts better to shock, unlike standard delrin or aluminum pucks which transfer the shock from the crash directly to mounting point magnesium is softer than aluminum or delrin and therefore offers much better protection to the bike. Designed to be no-cut whenever possible, all mounting brackets are made from billet aluminum. nylon mixed with fiberglass offers the best resistance in case of crash.

LighTech's innovative design has brought frame sliders to a new generation, giving motorcyclists unprecedented protection against crash damage.

Important Note -

This frame slider comes as standard in black with a white "antishock rubber" and a black aluminum ring.

To change the color of the aluminum ring see part numbers RSTE102 under the section frame sliders/ spare parts

To change the color of the "antishock rubber" see part numbers RSTTE101 under the section frame sliders/spare parts



  • 2010 SUZUKI GSX - R 600 600
  • 2009 SUZUKI GSX - R 600 600
  • 2008 SUZUKI GSX - R 600 600
  • 2010 SUZUKI GSX-R 750 750
  • 2009 SUZUKI GSX-R 750 750
  • 2008 SUZUKI GSX-R 750 750

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