T.A.W Performance R1 Limited Edition


The resident T.A.W team enlisted the help of Full Throttle Motorsports of North Carolina who provided a 2016 Yamaha R1 for us to build the bike and display at the IMS shows.

Obviously the bike had to sport the best HP brakes, so a set of nickel GP4-RX calipers were installed, driven by a 19mm x 18mm RCS master cylinder and matching clutch lever. The stock rotors were upgraded with a set of T drive rotors which work perfectly with the sintered pads supplied inside the calipers.

The wheels were changed out for a beautiful set of gold Marchesini 7 spoke "Genesi" wheels, the swept spoke design replicating the same wheels use on a Moto GP bike. The gold enhancing the Lightech gold accessories bouncing off the two tone grey paintwork. (More on those later).

As this bike will be sold through the dealership after the events we were a little restricted on what we could change, maybe that is not a bad thing as we were tempted to go crazy ! That did not stop us fitting a stunning Scorpion Carbon RP1 GP pipe to match the other carbon components on the bike, an addition that has attracted many positive comments on the booth at the recent shows.

The carbon pipe was complimented by an array of super trick carbon parts from the Lightech catalog, which included front and rear fenders, engine, electrical and a chain cover. To compliment the gold wheels Lightech gold chain tensioners, handlebar ends, oil filler cap and front frame sliders were all added.

Finished of with the finest quality rear sets available, the "R" version by Lightech the bike displayed elegance in addition to performance.


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